Valerie Ervin Owes County Executive Baker An Apology

Update: All is good again

Original post:

Social media…how I love the…and how you can cause problems…especially for candidates running for office. This was seen online this morning:

I have no clue who runs the social media accounts for Valerie Ervin (candidate for Governor in Maryland) but I know this…Valerie Ervin owes County Executive Baker (also a candidate for Governor in Maryland) an apology this morning. The account @Governer_Baker is an obvious parody account and to call out the County Executive for comments from that account is just silly…and makes you wonder what the heck is happening with that campaign.

Maybe folks should take a minute and think before posting on social media.

I will keep an eye on the various accounts an will update this post if things progress today.

Updated tweets:

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.09.38 AM

All is good between the campaigns again…now we can get back to our regularly scheduled campaigning activities.

Scott E


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