The Sierra Club has release endorsements for candidates in Howard County…here is the list:
Howard County
County Executive:

Ball, Calvin; Democratic

County Council District 1

Weinstein, Jon; Democratic

County Council District 2 (no endorsement)
County Council District 3

Hadgu, Hiruy; Democratic

County Council District 4

Jung, Deb; Democratic

County Council District 5

Williams, China Christine; Democratic

Maryland General Assembly 
Legislative District 9, Senate

Hester, Katie Fry; Democratic

Legislative District 9a, House of Delegates

Bolen, Steven M. ; Democratic

Ziegler, Natalie; Democratic

Legislative District 9b

Medinger, Daniel; Democratic

Legislative District 12, Senate

Lam, Clarence K.; Democratic 

Legislative District 12, House of Representatives

Ebersole, Eric; Democratic

Feldmark, Jessica; Democratic

Hill, Terri; Democratic 

Legislative District 13, Senate

Guzzone, Guy; Democratic

Legislative District 13, House of Representatives

Atterbeary, Vanessa; Democratic 

Pendergrass, Shane; Democratic  (endorsed, no website)

Terrasa, Jen; Democratic

You can view the listing on their website here:
Scott E
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