Larry Hogan For Governor Mobile App

I love it when I can mix technology with politics in my posts…and this could be a really good thing for the Hogan re-election campaign for Governor in Maryland…a new mobile app. Here is some information from iTunes:

This is the official mobile app for supporters of Larry Hogan For Governor.

Features include:
* Stay up to date on the latest news and Calls to Action
* Earn Action Points (AP) for answering Calls to Action
* Play trivia and earn points for correct answers
* Unlock activist badges and win Hogan swag
* Watch videos and have critical info at your fingertips
* View, RSVP and check-in at events!
* Invite your friends to join you on the app!
…and many more features. Download today!

Questions? Visit the official organization website at

I like the listed features so I decide to download the app on my iPhone. Some observations:

  • Not a fan of the sign in part…kind of annoying…but I did it anyway. I understand it…a good way to build a listing of potential supporters…but never my favorite part of an app.
  • I liked the trivia game…it was cute…and a nice feature of the app…a little difficult to find…but still cute.
  • The new campaign commercial is easy to find…no question they made this a priority of the app.
  • I am on the fence about the point system…it does add an interactive feel to the app…so that is a good thing.
  • The layout is a bit clunky…there are some layout options that would make it more user friendly.

All in all…not a bad app…could be a little better…but if you are a Hogan supporter…you should download it and give it a look. I will be sure to check on the “Events Nearby” from time to time to see when the Governor will be in my neck of the woods.

Check out the app on iTunes here:

Scott E

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