Krish Vignarajah reads Mean Tweets

If you need a good laugh this morning…be sure to check out the latest video from Krish Vignarajah (candidate for Governor in Maryland). She recorded a Jimmy Kimmel style “Mean Tweets” video that is pretty funny…one recommendation….watch it to the end…it is an outstanding ending.

Here is the video:

Back in October 2017, Rich Madaleno (also a candidate for Governor in Maryland) did a similar type of mean tweets video for National Coming Out Day. It is also worth a view. Here is that video:

I know political campaigns are serious…but it is nice to see some comedy in these campaigns from time to time.

Have a great day.

Scott E

3 thoughts on “Krish Vignarajah reads Mean Tweets

  1. I thought that Krish’s was hilarious. I don’t know her platform but i’ll definitely be checking it out. Thanks for posting this Scott – From the coolest Dolphins fan you know ;0)

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