It is hard to believe…but it happened again…it looks like the Ellicott City flood of 2018 is actually worse than the one in 2016. There was a lot of photos and videos shared on social media showing how bad it was….and if you live here it can be difficult to see or watch.
The one thing I am sure of…folks like Hogan, Kittleman, Weinstein and many others will make sure Ellicott City will be taken care of and rebuilt as quickly as possible…
I will be sharing support information on my blog Facebook page as soon as I come across it.
My final note for today…very sad and praying for EC!!!
Scott E


  1. See extract below from Facebook comment by owner of 2 of damaged buildings. It seems to me that expediting repairs prior to flood mitigation infrastructure was driven by politics – everything back to normal before the 2018 election. That being said it was both Democrats and Republicans on Council and as County Executive that contributed to this mess by accepting money from developers under the illusion it would all benefit the County eventually so let College Avenue and New Cut Road and Ellicott Mills Road be developed heavily. They are still building additional townhouses in Burgess Mill since 2016 floods. Vote them all out.
    From Kara Brooke Brown FB page.
    “Hi everyone! I want to thank everyone who has been writing/texting me about Ellicott City. I am aware of what is going on. I have been silent on the subject because I have been in a law suit with my insurance company. I still own the two buildings in the center of town that I bought in the 1990’s. It was the income that I earned from those buildings that allowed me to change my career. This Ellicott City situation broke my heart two years ago. So much of me went into these buildings. It was all of my energy and all of my bank account for almost 2 years. Within ONE MONTH of the flood, Howard County Zoning and Planning tried to put pressure on us to rebuild. My neighbor and friend John was so stressed by the financial pressures and the building inspector’s threats he fell to his death while trying to make heavy-duty repairs to his building (theater on the corner) on his own. He was close to 70 years old. I never understood the urgency of the rebuild. It made no sense. We hired engineers and geo-techs to conduct studies. Not just on what level of effort would be required make the repairs to the buildings which after one year of study came to $2 million for repairs, but on the exact cause of the damage to the buildings. I had a unique circumstance that I can’t yet get into. On very good advice, I did NOT renovate. I was told that flooding was going to happen again and again, until the county spent $10 million dollars to implement a plan that they had since before the first flood. They knew they had a problem before the problem happened. There isn’t one thing that caused this situation. It was a convergence of several issues from poor planning to overdevelopment to removal of forests that absorbed heavy rains at the top of Ellicott Mills Drive and replacing that forest with a community center and a densely populated apartment home community. The roads and road maintenance and maintenance of water-mains were also part of the issue. They handled a problem that required financial investment, grit and muscle and tough decision making with public relations campaigns. I was never a member of the club over there but now it’s time for the club to step up and accept responsibility for their bad decision-making and accept responsibility for the repair of the mess that they’ve created, not by offering low-interest loans, which I found insulting, but by funding and handling the repair. Being historic and on a waterway with severely damaged sub foundation and foundation makes redevelopment just about impossible. My hope is that the leadership will accept responsibility. There is so much that we should all find troubling about this mess. I have been told repeatedly that the city is exempt from liability. How can this be? They should be held accountable. I appreciate all of the support from each and every one of you. I just got word that another car just landed in the church foundation.”-