Campaign Finance Numbers – Howard County Register of Wills – May 2018

OK….let’s be honest…Register of Wills in Howard County is not the sexiest of races…but can still be interesting…especially when you have 4 candidates (2 Dems and 2 GOP candidates) running for this seat. Who is rocking the money advantage in this race…well let’s take a look:


  • I kind of feel like Conley will win the GOP Primary…I say that because Vandenberge has not filed a campaign finance report yet…so I am guessing his name is on the ballot just because he wanted it there and not because he is actually running for this office.
  • Macfarlane is running for re-election…and an incumbent rarely loses in Howard County when they run….so you have to believe he has the advantage…plus he has raised the most money, spent the most money and has the most money on hand.

The next filing deadline is June 15th…I may update this chart when the new numbers are released.

Early voting starts June 14 and runs to June 21st….and election day is one month from today!!!

Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate…in case you want to go lookup the actual reports:

Been a bit crazy lately…new grand kid born on Wednesday evening…here is a shot of the 18 month old grand kid holding the new born:

So If I get behind on writing articles…you now know why…#Priorities.

Scott E

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