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So I dinged on Josh Friedman for doing this…and apparently some candidates did not see it, ignored it or just disagreed with it and decide not to follow my advice…so I thought I would provide another example…with the same points I made in the last article. I wrote this article a few days ago and shared on the Howard County MD Facebook group:

There were more than a few negative comments about the endorsement or the candidate…but a few things caught my eye:

Mary Catherine posted the item above…it was not an actual ding on Sigaty…just a link to support Lam…that seems reasonable. But then I noticed this:

And then this:

Feel free to go to the group and see the full list of comments for the full context…but I mentioned this last time and I will mention it again…
Let me first state that ANYONE has the right to make any statement they wish…it is a great thing about the country we live in…
I understand that candidates running for Central Committees have candidates that they support in contested elections…everyone does and should have their favorites…
But when you are running for a job to support candidates in your party…I find it odd outright attacking a candidate in your own party…that if elected…your elected job is to support…
I fully support Jan’s ability to say and write whatever she feels about candidates…but look…some of us do pay attention to the various Facebook pages and groups…and maybe it would be a good idea to take a step back and think about what you are posting before you hit the “post” button.
My hope is that she…and all candidates running for Central Committee…takes this post as a learning lesson…support whoever you wish…say nice things and endorse anyone you like…but attacking/criticizing a candidate in your own party may not be the best method to get elected to support candidates in your party. That is just my own personal opinion.
It has been a busy 24 hours for me…and not sure I will get a chance to write much tomorrow…but may try and put together another post early in the morning…there is some interesting stuff happening in the Governor’s race and more campaign finance data to put out to my readers.
Have a great evening.
Scott E