Campaign Finance Numbers – Maryland State Senate Districts 9, 12 and 13 – May 2018

Pre-Primary Report 1 numbers have been submitted by all candidates running for Maryland State Senate in districts 9. 12 and 13 in 2018. This is a follow up from posts back in April 2018. We have just over a month before the primary and many candidates can be found all over the county at various forums and events. How are they doing with raising and spending money this cycle…here are the numbers:

Comments: Bates has the most cash on hand…in a big way…not a shocker for an incumbent. Hester raised the most cash…but her burn rate is really high for a candidate without an opponent between now and June.  Novotry’s numbers look a bit odd…but if you read the report he actually spent over $3,500…it is just listed as loans to the campaign…I spoke to him about it and all is good with his report.

Comments: District 12 is the race to watch…Lam has the most money on hand…but Sigaty significantly out raised him this reporting period…and the endorsement coming from Kasemeyer to Sigaty could make this race significantly close…Hooe does not have a primary challenge so he has time to build his war chest for the general election.

Comments: Guzzone does not have a challenger in the primary or general…so he is already re-elected. Now he can kick back, raise funds and then send some of those funds to candidates he supports. In his latest report he sent funds to:

  • Team 13 Slate – $20,000
  • Zeigler (running for Delegate in 9A) – $500
  • Many other candidates and organizations outside of Howard County

The next filing deadline is June 15th…I will update this chart when the new numbers are released.

Early voting starts June 14 and runs to June 21st.

Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate…in case you want to go lookup the actual reports:

Have a great day.

Scott E

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