Because of the number of candidates in the various Delegate races, you get the generic photo above…Pre-Primary Report 1 numbers have been submitted by all candidates running for Maryland State Delegate in districts 9A, 9B. 12 and 13 in 2018. This is a follow up from posts back in April 2018. We have just over a month before the primary and many candidates can be found all over the county at various forums and events. How are they doing with raising and spending money this cycle…here are the numbers:

Comments: The Dems outraised the GOP candidates this past reporting period…Miller holds a significant money advantage with cash on hand…Ziegler numbers look good and I can’t image that she won’t make the final 4 in this race…Kittleman is back to doing very little but she has the last name that should serve her well in the upcoming election. Gross filed an ALCE (see below).

Comments: None – except to say this is the big money race in 2018.

Comments: Team 12 (Hill and Ebersole) have the money advantage in this race. Feldmark has some impressive cash on hand numbers. Broccolino filed an ALCE (see below). Cockey and Heflin are late in filing their reports. Cockey filed an ALCE late last cycle (on April 23rd) so not shocked he is late again. I am not sure what is up with Heflin this time around. I know this, they are both subject to potential fines for filing late…so that is not good for either campaign.

Comments: None
Final thoughts:
I did not comment on Districts 9B and 13…I have done some work for candidates in those races and as not to be biased…I have decided to let the numbers speak for the candidates in those races. I am sure other reporters and bloggers will make comments in the following days and weeks.
For those not familiar with Affidavit of Limited Contributions and Expenditures (ALCE), it states: “Pursuant to §13-305 of the Election Law Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, we, the undersigned Chairman and Treasurer, hereby declare that we do not intend to receive contributions or make expenditures in the cumulative amount of $1,000 or more”
The next filing deadline is June 15th…I will update this chart when the new numbers are released.
Early voting starts June 14 and runs to June 21st.
Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate…in case you want to go lookup the actual reports:
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Scott E