Howard County Professional Firefighters PAC Funds The Following Candidates

While I wait on new campaign finance reports to be submitted by candidates (come on y’all…get those reports in soon) I thought I would look at something else interesting to me…I have always believed the the most important local endorsements come from teachers, fire fighters and police officers (and the organizations that support them)…Others may disagree with my assessment…but this is what I believe. I came across the Howard County Professional Firefighters PAC finance report and downloaded it and thought it was interesting and worth sharing.

Now the Howard County Professional Firefighters PAC provides endorsements but they also provide funding to candidates / campaigns. Endorsements can be difficult to obtain especially in a crowded field or in a contested race…but money they provide to campaigns can also be telling about who the organization supports (if only in that way). I went back to the report from January 2018 to get a list of candidates they provided money to…here is that list:

Atterbeary, Vanessa (State Delegate D13) – $250

Ball, Calvin (County Executive) – $1,500

Ebersole, Eric (State Delegate D12) – $250

Flanagan, Bob (State Delegate D9B) – $250

Guzzone, Guy (State Senate D13) – $500

Hill, Terri (State Delegate D12) – $400

Jones, Opel (Howard County Council D2) – $100

Kathuria, Raj (Howard County Council D1) – $35

Kittleman, Allan (Howard County Executive) – $2,000 (plus endorsement)

Pendergrass, Shane (State Delegate D13) – $250

Weinstein, Jon (Howard County Council D1) – $1,250 (plus endorsement)

Yungmann, David (Howard County Council D5) – $40

View the full report here

I also checked out the report from May 2018…and here is that list:

Medinger, Dan (State Delegate D9B) – $250

Sigaty, Mary Kay (State Senate D12) – $250

View the full report here

While many or most of these candidates may not relieve a full endorsement from the PAC…it is interesting to see what money the PAC sends to various campaigns.

More reports being filed as I write this…so back I go to get more data to publish over the next couple of days. Stay tuned…

Scott E

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