Campaign Finance Numbers – Howard County Executive Candidates – May 2018

I am going to start out this post similarly to the way I wrote the one back in January…I know I left Harry Dunbar off the photo above…I made the cutoff that a candidate has to have at least $100,000 to make the header photo for this race…ok, now let’s move on…the numbers are in for the Howard County Executive race…here they are:


  • Kittleman raised the most money and continues to hold a significant advantage with cash on hand at this point.
  • Kittleman outspent Ball by a factor of more than 2 to 1.
  • Dunbar had $0 spent in the last report…he now has money spent…but trails Ball significantly in the Dem primary.

These reports (especially Kittleman and Ball) are extremly long and I have not had a chance to deep dive on the reports for significant items of interest…but I am publishing the reports in this post for those interesting in doing that work. Here they are




Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate:

More reports are coming soon for other races here in Howard County…stay tuned…

Scott E

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