OK…so my gut prediction was wrong...and Valerie Erving is going to run for Governor. Here is information from WAMU:

Valerie Ervin announced Thursday that she will run for governor in place of Kevin Kamenetz, who died unexpectedly May 10. Ervin, a former Montgomery County Council member, had been running for lieutenant governor on Kamenetz’s ticket. Ervin named Marisol Johnson, a former Baltimore County schoolboard member to be her running mate, and said that she would formally kick off her campaign next week with a rally at Bowie State University.
Ervin enters a crowded Democratic field with six others running, including Prince George’s County executive Rushern Baker, former NAACP head Ben Jealous, entrepreneur Alec Ross, former Obama administration staffer Krishanti Vignarajah, state senator Richard S. Madaleno, and Baltimore lawyer James L. Shea.
In a statement announcing her candidacy, Ervin said: “I’m announcing a run for governor of Maryland because I truly believe in the vision of Kevin and I’s campaign, and I want to take it forward. This campaign is about the future of Maryland. I believe in a Maryland where working families come before corporate profits, where we help every kid achieve their full potential, and we all can thrive regardless of where we were born, the color of our skin, or the size of our bank account.”
Ervin was the first black woman to serve on the Montgomery County Council, and served two terms representing the Silver Spring area. She later worked for the Working Families Party, a minor political party that promotes liberal policies such as paid sick leave and minimum wage increases.
It’s unclear at this point whether Ervin will be able to tap into the $2 million in campaign funds raised by the Kamenetz campaign. Her own campaign account has roughly $50,000. Ervin tells the Washington Post she’s consulted a campaign finance attorney to look into the issue: “I’m getting legal advice about my options regarding the two accounts we shared and my own account,” Ervin told the Post. “I entered his campaign apparatus, and so I would like legal counsel to guide me through the questions that need to be asked.”
But early reports suggest that Ervin — the only black woman running in this race — might receive financial support from Emily’s List, the fundraising powerhouse that backs female candidates.

This SIGNIFICANTLY changes the race for Governor. I saw this tweet before the announcement and laughed:

Well of course he will welcome her to the race…this will be a big blow to a few of his opponents and could lend a path for victory in the primary.
Baker or his team sent this tweet out after the announcement:

Shea sent a couple of tweets as of this post:

There may be others…I just have not seen them yet…I did not notice anything from Krish or Madaleno on Twitter…maybe the two candidates that take the biggest hits by Ervin entering this race. As interesting as this race already was…it just got better…or at least more interesting.
As an update…here are some interesting thoughts from Spartan Considerations:   https://spartanconsiderations.blogspot.com/2018/05/a-first-draft-of-evolving-wisdom-ervin.html
I will be updating my Technology Outreach Reference Card soon.
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