African Americans in Howard County (AAIHC) Releases 2018 Primary Endorsement List

On May 15th the African Americans in Howard County (AAIHC) released their endorsements for the elections in 2018. More about AAIHC:

Our “sister” organization is African Americans in Howard County (AAIHC) whose primary purpose is to endorse political candidates for leadership positions and expand the public policy debate to include racial and economic equality. The views are progressive with an arc toward improving the system for democracy, freedom and opportunity for all.

You can view the full list here: Here are a few that caught my eye:

Howard County Board of Education: Glascock, Mackey, Pandey and Taj

Judge of Orphans Court: Brown, Dodd and Turner

Register of Wills: Macfarlane (D)

Howard County Council:

District 1: Weinstein (D), Kathuria (R)

District 2: Jones (D), Liao (R)

District 3: Jennings (D)

District 4: Jung (D), Kim (R)

District 5: Walsh (R), (special note for Williams (D)).

Howard County Executive: Ball (D), Kittleman (R)

Governor: Jealous (D), Hogan (R)

There are many more races and candidates endorsed in the full document so be sure to give it a read.

Scott E

(note – I updated the title of this post and added the “more about AAIHC” information around 7:30am today).

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