I have not taken a recent look at the online outreach numbers of the candidates running for governor here in Maryland…so I thought I would take a minute this morning a take a quick look at the recent data. Here are the numbers for Facebook outreach over the past week:


  • I could not find any information on James Hugh Jones II. Does he have a Facebook page? If so, someone let me know.
  • Alec Ross continues to have a significant advantage in total page followers.
  • Krish Vignarajah has done a great job in adding new followers over the past week (up 6.2%).
  • Krish Vignarajah (15 posts), Rushern Baker (12 posts) and Rich Madaleno (10 posts) have been the most active pages on Facebook over the past week.
  • Krish Vignarajah has dominated engagement (likes, shares and comments) over the past week with over 2,200 engagements on Facebook posts. The next closest is Rich Madaleno (526 engagements) and Ben Jealous (519 engagements).

Krish Vignarajah had the best week online with adding new followers and engagement from followers on Facebook. This could be an indicator that she is picking up steam in this race and starting to catch the candidates considered the front runners.
This has been a difficult week for everyone in and watching the race for Governor with the passing of Kevin Kamenetz. County Executive Kamenetz was considered one of the front runners and his passing will shake up this race significantly.
One other item could still significantly shake up this race…what will Valerie Ervin do going forward? Here is information from Bethesda Magazine:

In the wake of Maryland gubernatorial candidate Kevin Kamenetz’s sudden death Thursday, his running mate—former Montgomery County Council member Valerie Ervin—is facing a significant decision.
Under Maryland election law, Ervin has until May 17—40 days before the June 26 primary—to decide whether she wants to replace Kamenetz as the gubernatorial candidate or designate someone to run in his place. The campaign and Ervin could also decide to discontinue the campaign altogether..

If Valerie Ervin does decide to enter the race in the next couple of days…this would make a significant dent in at least two campaigns above…and maybe even more depending on what support she receives. I have read that former U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards and John Boardman, executive secretary-treasurer of Unite Here Local 25 is encouraging her to run for governor in place of Kamenetz. This is something to keep an eye on over the next two days.
Scott E