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Somedays online are chill and easy…and other days you read stuff that just gets to you…and this was one of those days for me. A candidate running for Democratic Central Committee in Howard County has decided to criticize a Democratic candidate for Governor here in Maryland. That candidate is Josh Friedman. Here is a screen shot of a recent comment he made online:

Now look…let me first state that ANYONE has the right to make any statement they wish…it is a great thing about the country we live in…
I understand that candidates running for Central Committees have candidates that they support in contested elections…everyone does and should have their favorites…
But when you are running for a job to support candidates in your party…I find it odd outright attacking a candidate in your own party…that if elected…your elected job is to support…
I have no idea if Krish will win or not…she is my favorite in the field…and I have talked to her directly about her eligibility in her race for Governor…and she answered my questions honestly and directly…but that is not what this post is about…
I fully support Josh’s ability to say and write whatever he feels about candidates…but look…some of us do pay attention to the various Facebook pages of news agencies and other bloggers…and maybe it would be a good idea to take a step back and think about what you are posting before you hit the “post” button.
My hope is that he…and all candidates running for Central Committee…takes this post as a learning lesson…support whoever you wish…say nice things and endorse anyone you like…but attacking/criticizing a candidate in your own party may not be the best method to get elected to support candidates in your party. That is just my own personal opinion.
A few events around Howard County today…hopefully I will make it out and about and see some folks.
Scott E


  1. No party officials need to speak up when a candidate is not qualified. This happened last week in West Virginia. In Alabama, blind allegiance to party made for the ridiculous support for Roy Moore. “We need his vote to support Trump and the tax cut” was the mantra. “It really did not matter that he was probably a pedophile,” these people said; “he could be worse-a Democrat.”


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