I have written previous articles about earlier endorsements from The People’s Voice for Howard County Council and Howard County Board of Education…today I saw this on Facebook and thought it worth sharing. Here is a breakdown by District:
District 9:

Senate: Katie Hester

Delegate 9A: No one

Delegate 9B: Dan Medinger

District 12:


Senate: Clarence Lam

Delegate: Eric Ebersole, Jessica Feldmark and Terri Hill

District 13:

Senate: No one

Delegate: Vanessa Atterbeary, Jen Terrasa

Comments: No endorsement for District 13 Senate…it is not like Guy Guzzone needs it…he is running unopposed in the Primary and General. No endorsement in 9A Delegate race…I can’t wait to find out more about why that is the case. Only two endorsements in the 13 Delegate race…that is another one that piqued my interest.
I am hoping to have Lisa on my podcast in the near future to talk about these and the previous endorsements. Stay tuned for that interview.
One last note from me…The People’s Voice has caught heck online from the left and the right with their endorsement picks in various races…I hope voters take the time to learn more about their endorsement process and why this group picks some candidates over others….I am not saying that I agree with them with all of their endorsements…but I do try and take the time to understand it and not just blow up at them because of who they pick.
Scott E