So many candidates in the District 12 Delegate race…but who is rocking in with social media outreach to voters on Facebook…let’s take a look at the numbers:

Here are my observations:

  • 3 candidates on the GOP side (Russell, Harris and Cockey)…all will proceed to the general election…but now is the time for them all to begin building support for their campaigns.
  • 7 candidates on the Dem side….3 will proceed on the the general election.
  • The top two in total followers are Hill and Ebersole…no shocker here as they are both running for reelection and these accounts have been around for a while.
  • Howard grew his account by over 16% this week…and Feldmark grew her account by over 11%…both impressive numbers. Ebersole had a new loss of followers this week (never a good sign).
  • Howard was the most active with a post count of 15…followed by Feldmark (7 posts) and Heflin (5 posts). No posts over the past week from Weaver, Broccolino or Cockey…never a good thing…Because I am sharing this with all of the posts…here are some recommendations for the candidates:
    •  “Buffer says you can post to Facebook twice a day before likes and comments drop off. Constant Contact says to post on Facebook a minimum of three times per week while keeping your maximum posting frequency to 10 times per week. DowSocial says two Facebook posts per day as a minimum works well for increasing your reach.” – obviously many sources have slightly different suggestions…but they are all similar and worth considering while managing your accounts.
  • Ebersole lead all candidates with Facebook engagement (likes, share and comments on posts) with 129…followed by Hill (107) and then Feldmark (71)

If I had to rank the candidates based on the numbers above…I would go:

1 / 2 Ebersole / Hill (tied)

3. Feldmark

4. Howard


5. Heflin

Then everyone else…

Time is running out in the Primary…so it is time for candidates to ramp up their social media strategy…and if your campaigns plans to run ads or boost posts on Facebook in June…I highly recommend everyone read the following:  Are you prepared for new political ad requirements on Facebook?
Scott E