I thought I would take a few minutes and look at the recent Facebook activity and outreach of candidates running for Howard County Council in Districts 4 and 5. In District 4, we have an interesting primary on the Dem side…and in District 5 we have an interesting primary on the GOP side…so which candidates are using Facebook the best…here are some numbers you might find interesting:

I am going to breakdown my comments by district…
District 4: Jung (D) vs Siddiqui (D) vs Moller-Knudersen (D) vs Kim (R)

  • Kim has the most Facebook followers of all of the candidates in this district. Siddiqui holds a slight advantage with total followers on the Dem side.
  • Siddiqui has lead the way in adding new followers (+4.5% over the past week) followed by Jung (+2.9% over the past week).
  • Lisa Kim has been the most active on Facebook over the past week with 4 posts. Other candidates should step it up a bit (2 posts from Jung, 1 post from Moller-Knudsen and no activity from Siddiqui).
    • Candidates might find this helpful: “Buffer says you can post to Facebook twice a day before likes and comments drop off. Constant Contact says to post on Facebook a minimum of three times per week while keeping your maximum posting frequency to 10 times per week. DowSocial says two Facebook posts per day as a minimum works well for increasing your reach.” – obviously many sources have slightly different suggestions…but they are all similar and worth considering while managing your accounts.
  • Jung has had the most engagement (likes, shares and comments) of all candidates with a count of 39 over the past week …followed closely by Kim (32).

No one candidate stands out to me in this evaluation….they all could be posting more often and doing a better job with outreach to voters on this platform…If I had to pick a leader in this evaluation it would be a tie between Kim and Jung.
District 5: Yungmann (R) vs Walsh (R) vs Williams (D)

  • Yungmann holds a nice advantage in followers on Facebook over Walsh and Williams.
  • No candidate made significant growth in new followers over the past week.
  • Williams was the most active with 7 posts…Yungmann and Walsh each posted twice over the past week (see my note about about how often candidates should be posting on Facebook).
  • Williams lead all candidates in engagement (likes, shares and comments) with an engagement count of 111 over the past week. Yungmann had an impressive number with a count of 68 considering he only posted twice (the prom pics of the kids with the campaign sign was genius).

I would have to give the nod to Williams with recent Facebook activity…but followed closely by Yungmann and then Walsh.
Social media outreach itself will not win you an election…but it can be a value if used correctly for outreach to potential voters…don’t let an opportunity slip by…or your opponent will take advantage and increase their name recognition…which will matter come June 26th.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Scott E


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