So I am doing website work today for a client…and while waiting for a system archive of 85,000+ files…thought I would do something while I waited (my screen right now on the other laptop…will it ever finish?):

Here are the recent Facebook numbers of candidates running for Howard County Council in Districts 1 & 3 (I wrote about 4 and 5 earlier today):

I figured I would take a tip from my post about financial disclosures and not make any direct comments on these two races. If you don’t want to click the link…this is what I said: “I did not comment on Districts 1 and 3…I have done some work for candidates in those races and as not to be biased…I have decided to let the numbers speak for the candidates in those races. I am sure other reporters and bloggers will make comments in the following days and weeks.” 
Candidates in District 1 include: Weinstein (D) vs Walsh (D) vs Kathuria (R)
Candidates in District 3 include: Hadgu (D) vs Hunt (D) vs Jennings (D) vs Rigby (D)
I know what you are thinking…Scott E, what about District 2…well, neither candidate has a primary opponent so I will wait until after June 26th to start my evaluations of that race…This gives Opel Jones and John Liao time to get their social media game on point before I start breaking down the numbers.
Scott E
One last note…the archive is up to 41%…I am sure it will finish at some point tonight….UGH…