In an email I received yesterday…Facebook is publishing new rules for publishing political ads. All candidates running for office…be sure to take note of the new rules and dates:

Hi Scott,
We recently announced that advertisers will need to provide information necessary for authorization to run political ads on Facebook. We plan to apply this authorization process to additional countries in the future, but the dates below apply only to the US launch.
May 7:
Authorized advertisers must begin labeling ads
Starting Monday, May 7, if you’ve successfully met the requirements for authorization to run political ads you’ll begin to see a “This is a political ad” indicator during the ad creation process. You must use this indicator (a checkbox or switch, depending on what product you’re using) to let us know whether an ad is political.
Political ads saved to archive
The political ad label will not be publicly visible on ads until May 22, but we are making the option available in advance to enable advertisers to properly set up their campaigns and to help avoid disruptions in delivery. The label that appears in the preview during ads creation may not be the final label that appears to the public starting May 22. Starting then, ads will display “paid for by” plus the approved disclaimer selected during the authorization process. Ads marked as political will also become part of the archive when it launches.
May 22:
Political ads must be labeled
Starting May 22, political ads must be indicated as such during creation, and only advertisers who have provided the elements to become authorized will be permitted to run political ads on Facebook. Running of political ads by advertisers who have not met all elements for authorization will not be permitted.
Labels begin appearing to the public
The political label will begin to display publicly. Additionally, people will have the option to report any existing ads which they think are political but do not have the label. Reported ads will be reviewed, and, if found to be political, the ad will be disapproved and added to the archive.
Ads will start to appear in the archive
The archive will contain all political ads created from May 7 onward. Ads will remain in the archive for seven years.
June 4:
Facebook will review currently running ads
By June 4th, all of your active political ads should be recreated to meet these new standards. Political ads not meeting new standards will be disapproved and added to the archive. Advertisers will be notified and will need to recreate their ad.
We’re committed to increasing the transparency of advertising on Facebook. With your partnership we believe that these steps will help protect the integrity of elections and political advertising on Facebook.
Thank you,
Your Facebook Business Team

Click here to learn more:
Know the rules…or your ads will not run…and no campaign wants that…should be interesting to see how this changes things going forward on Facebook.
Update: The confirmation process is not fun…and takes a while because it requires a mailing to an address with a code to complete…so start the process sooner rather than later:
Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 8.38.27 AM
Scott E


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