April 2018 – Facebook Outreach – State Senate Districts 9, 12 and 13

I have not written about the technology outreach of candidates in a while and thought it would fun to end the month with one of these posts. I already had this data queued up for something else…so why not use it in a post today. This is a look at the recent Facebook activity for candidates running for Maryland State Senate in Districts 9, 12 and 13:

This data above shows a comparison of all of the candidates running…and their activity over the past week…which includes: number of new followers gained, number of posts published, and amount of engagement (likes, share and comments) on those posts. Here are my observations by district:

District 9: Bates (R) vs Novotny (R) vs Hester (D)

  • Bates holds the most followers in this district…but lost some over the past week.
  • Novotny was the most active (6 posts over the past week) and had the 2nd highest engagements of any candidate and added a nice number of new followers (grown the account by 6.8%).
  • Hester is running unopposed in the primary…but was pretty active and by far out performed everyone with post engagements.

District 12: Lam (D) vs Sigaty (D) vs Hooe (R)

  • Sigaty has the most followers in this race and was the most active in this district (3 posts).
  • Lam had the best week in regards to engagement on posts of the three candidates…but had a net loss in total followers this week.
  • Hooe is running unopposed in the primary and has been very quiet on Facebook….maybe saving it up for when he has an opponent.

District 13: Guzzone (D)

  • No posts from Guzzone this week…I guess that happens when you don’t have an opponent in the primary or general.


This group as a whole could be more active…Hester and Novotny did a good job over the past week…but all of the others are lacking a bit and could be posting more frequently…I have to believe they are out and about in the community at events or door knocking…those make great social media posts.

You can find the website, Facebook and Twitter accounts for each candidate here:  https://scotteblog.com/2018-howard-county-delegates-technology-outreach-scorecards/

We have less than two months until the big day…if you are in a contested primary…use the online resources to reach potential voters…or face the possibility that your opponent will and gain those potential voters on election day (or during early voting).

Scott E

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