I got a few (if you think 56 is a few) photos from the Columbia Democratic Club Endorsement meeting yesterday. Here are a few observations I have from the event:

  • I am in no way the photographer that Pam Long Photography (one of my favorites in HoCo) is…but I did my best to capture the event.
  • Not everyone that I am cheering for got an endorsement…but those that did should be thrilled with the endorsement…even while I don’t love the current process or practices.
  • I was happy to see 3 candidates for Governor at the meeting.
  • How in the world did I miss Sabina Taj at the meeting??? That is what I get for counting votes at one of these meetings…LOL…just kidding…thanks to the club for letting me participate in the process. Abby and I are expert vote counters at this point.
  • I wish I had more time to talk with everyone that was at the meeting…there were so many people there I felt like all I got to say was hi and then move on to the next person…I am sorry if I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with you yesterday…it is not because I didn’t want to…just so many people to say hello to…which is a good thing.
  • Three bloggers were in the house (Booms, Woodcock and me)…that does not happen often but it is always fun when it does…we all have our own style of blogging and I always enjoy seeing the other local bloggers.
  • The new Team 13 shirts are finally out…and I need one ASAP…I might even be wearing one during early voting when I plan to be at the voting locations…or at least taking photos and meeting with candidates and supporters…and maybe one or two other shirts depending on the day.
  • I will be posting the final results of endorsements once they are made public …keep an eye on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page…are you following it yet…if not…make that a goal of your day! I post stuff there that sometimes does not make it on the blog site.
  • One of these days I will get a photo of myself at the event…for the blog if for no other reason…just so I can prove I was there…did anyone get one of me at the event?
  • This was one of my favorite events so far this election cycle…and hope to attend more events and talk politics with even more candidates going forward.

Scott E