The Columbia Democratic Club will hold a meeting on April 28th and will be voting on club endorsements. Candidates in the following races may be endorsed by the club:

  • Governor / Lt. Gov
  • State Senate District 9
  • State Delegate District 9A and 9B
  • State Senate District 12
  • State Delegate District 12
  • State Delegate District 13
  • County Executive
  • County Council Districts 1, 3 and 4
  • Register of Wills
  • Orphans Court
  • Sheriff

The club requires 50% +1 vote in order for a candidate to receive the club endorsement.
Here is information sent out by the club recently:

This Saturday, April 28th
Roger Carter Recreation Center
3000 Milltown Drive, Ellicott City
A Few Things…
– Registration/check-in will open at 10:30am
– The program will begin promptly at 11am
– The first ballot will be due at 11:30am
– ALL candidates on our endorsement ballot will be given the opportunity to speak for 1 minute, starting with the Gubernatorial candidates at 11:15am. #NoProxyAllowed
– Candidates for Central Committee will be introduced, but will not give remarks.
– All are welcome to attend but you MUST be a member in order to vote. The last day to secure membership was April 18th.
– There are no absentee ballots.
– We can’t wait to see you!
– Sincerely, Maureen

We could have some interesting developments at the upcoming meeting. There has been the mention of paying club memberships for votes.

This was reported by Jason Booms (Spartan Considerations):  New Siddiqui Email? New Week, New Scandal?.

This follow up article was written by Bill Woodcock (The 53):  All Hail Le Mauvais Orange!

I had left the topic alone for a bit waiting to see if some type of official announcement on this topic would be published by the Siddiqui campaign on their website or social media channels. As of this post, there has been nothing officially posted.
I reached out via email to the campaign for comment in advance of this article…I did get a response from Nayab Siddiqui and am waiting on confirmation to publish his response. If I get permission, I will be happy to update this post with that information (I try and be fair to everyone on the blog…and I generally ask for permission to share information sent to me).
I don’t know what will happen on Saturday…but I have to believe this will be a hot topic of conversation in the room. I am curious as to how many “new” members will attend the meeting….and how that will influence not only the County Council District 4 vote but other candidates looking for the club endorsement.
I love the local political clubs…and we have a bunch of them here in Howard county…and they provide great information to the members and advocacy for candidates and issues…and I know these endorsements meetings can be a tool to expand the club membership and receive a nice boost of incoming funds for the club…but I have to admit that the practice of allowing new members that “pay, vote and potentially never return” takes away some of the value of the club endorsements (in my opinion). I wish the club rules were something more like you have to be a paying club member for at least six months or a year in order to participate in the club endorsement voting (or something like that). Now, it just seems that the candidate that can get family members, friends and supporters to pay the fee and attend the endorsement meetings will get the club endorsement….and while that is totally within the rules of the clubs…I think it takes away a little from the endorsement of a club and the members that are active participants in those clubs. This is my own personal opinion…I am sure others may disagree…and I am good with that…we are all allowed our opinions.
I may try and swing by the meeting to catch the first ballot of voting just to see what happens and how many people show up at the meeting…I may even snap a few photos for the blog Facebook page…I probably will not stay for the entire meeting (Saturday’s are generally busy for me).
Scott E



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