HCEA State Senate and Delegate Endorsements

I had this information emailed to me yesterday:

These recommendations are now approved for General Assembly races—


HCEA Recommended Candidates

District 9


Katie Fry Hester (D)

Delegate 9A (2 seats)

                Steven Bolen (D)

                Natalie Ziegler (D)

Delegate 9B (1 seat)

                Courtney Watson (D)

District 12


Clarence Lam (D)             

Delegate (3 seats)

                Eric Ebersole (D)

                Jessica Feldmark (D)

                Terri Hill (D)

District 13


Guy Guzzone (D)

Delegate (3 seats)

                Vanessa Atterbeary (D)

                Shane Pendergrass (D)

                Jen Terrasa (D)

I am not sure there are any big shocker names on this list…it feels pretty much like the names I expected…but there are a few that caught my eye:

  • In District 9B Delegate – the race between Watson and Medinger is competitive and I would like to know why Watson was chosen over Medinger…
  • In District 12 Senate -the race between Lam and Sigaty should be interesting and very close…Ball and Terrasa got endorsements…just curious why Sigaty and Weinstein were left off the endorsement list from the organization…(I know, Weinstein was not on this list because he is running for HCC…but still curious)…
  • In District 12 Delegate – Feldmark beat out a lot of others running in that race…again, just curious as to why…especially with so many candidates in that race…
  • I love the Guzzone endorsement…because he has such a competitive Primary and General to deal with (yep, sarcasm from me early this morning)…Congrats on the re-election Guy!!! Happy to have you serve another term as my State Senator (because I live in D13).
  • Republicans are just totally dissed by the HCEA…in all races across and the board…from County Exec to County Council and at the State level…

Obviously I have the names but not the reasons why the specific candidates were chosen for this election cycle.

I will say folks (and I am including me) are confused at some of the HCEA picks this cycle…especially when you look and their picks for HoCoBOE candidates. Look, I am not saying that the three chosen are not worthy of the endorsement…but a few people have come to me and made comments that the picks seemed odd…and it is hard for me to disagree right now.

I believe that the HCEA endorsements (Teachers) are one of the big ones in local politics (along with the Fire and Police)…which is why I write about it…but I am one that would like to have more insight as to why candidates were chosen…maybe I can get Colleen Morris (President of the HCEA) on my podcast in the near future to talk about the endorsements and their process…Paul Lemle was on the show two years ago and I learned a lot from him back then…So if anyone has an inside connection…reach out and see if she would be interested…would love to have her on the show (I will also reach out soon myself).

I have lots of upcoming podcast interviews this week…so stay tuned for future blog posts with links to the interviews.

Have a great day!

Scott E

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