This information in not on the HCEA website yet…but it has been reported by the Baltimore Sun…so I am going to put it out to my readers.

(quoted text removed at the request of the Baltimore Sun)

Read the full article here:
This is a big win for the Ball team. Here are the reported responses from Harry Dunbar and the Kittleman team in the article:

Dunbar said he was “disappointed” by the union’s decision and felt it was making a “tremendous mistake” in choosing Ball.

Kittleman Team:

Kittleman campaign manager Sean Murphy said in a statement that the campaign respects the union’s decision, and that the county executive’s “record speaks for itself.”
“Allan has strong support within the HCPSS and HCEA community. He has earned this support by increasing education funding beyond the maintenance of effort and ensuring that teacher salary increases are funded,” Murphy said in the statement. “Allan has tremendous respect for our educators and will continue to work to make sure our students have a safe and strong learning environment.”

I can respect the response from the Kittleman team…not so much from Dunbar.
Might this be a game changer? You never know…in a race that is expected to be close…every endorsement matters.
Stay tuned as I will continue to monitor additional HCEA and other organizations endorsements of candidates.
Scott E



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