My schedule is just crazy these days…which is a good thing…but limits my ability to write and podcast as much as I would like for the community. I spent some time yesterday attempting to setup meetings with candidates for the podcast show today…and while a great number of candidates were not able to meet with me on short notice…two candidates are able to meet with me today: Sabina Taj (candidate for Howard County Board of Education) and Christiana Rigby (candidate for Howard County Council District 3) will meet with me to record future shows on Scott E’s Blog Talk Radio Show. I count that as a big win for the show.
I may try and get one more candidate to join me today…if interested…reach out soon…I have 1:45pm to 2:30pm open…and if I can get one more candidate to record a interview for a future show…then awesome. The more people that hear directly from candidates the better (at least I feel that way).
That will probably all I get on the show this week…but will try again next week with additional HoCoBOE candidates and other candidates running for office here in Howard County. My goal is to get as many candidates as I can…or as many that are interesting on being on the show and conducting an interview.
Stay tuned…as soon as these shows are recorded and online…I will be posting additional blog posts with links to the interviews.
Scott E
Update: looks like Rigby and I got our wires crossed on the date and time of the podcast interview…so I will not be recording an interview with her today…but will look to reschedule it soon.