Jonathan Bratt Announces End Of Campaign For District 12 House Of Delegates Seat

Jonathan Bratt has announced he is withdrawing from the Delegate District 12 race (text below via his press release):

Ellicott City, MD – Jonathan Bratt has announced the end of his campaign bid for one

of Maryland’s 12th House of Delegate’s seats. In a statement on his website Mr. Bratt


It is with a heavy heart that I must end my pursuit of a seat representing Howard

and Baltimore Counties in Annapolis. I am incredibly grateful for the outpouring of

support from my friends, family, and fellow community members. In running for

office I had hoped to highlight the issues affecting educators, civil service, and public

safety professionals, support policies and legislation that would increase

Marylander’s access to affordable healthcare and education, and pursuing equity

and growth opportunities for small businesses.

I was recently asked by the University of Maryland Baltimore to build a new

emergency management program focused on ensuring a resilient and safe

community for students, educators, and the community surrounding the campus. As

many of you know, I have served in a public safety leadership position within the

state government since 2013. Accepting this new position will expand my

opportunities to advocate for the issues I am most passionate about, as well

continue to serve the Maryland community in the area of public safety.

Unfortunately, I cannot both hold elected office and develop this new important

program for the University of Maryland. After careful consideration and

consultation with my family, campaign, and supporters, I have made the difficult

decision to withdraw my name from the Delegate’s race.

I want to take this opportunity to again thank those who have supported my

campaign. Without you, we could not have accomplished as much as we have over

this short period. I am confident that, regardless of the outcome of the June

primaries, the 12th district will be represented by delegates equally as committed to

the issues as I am. I wish the remaining seven candidates the very best through the

primaries and into the general election.

Here is a link to the announcement on his website:

Here is the image of the press release:

I wish Jonathan good luck with his new opportunity.

That brings the primary race down to seven candidates…all can be found on this page:

Scott E

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