I have known about this for a little while…just held off reporting until it became official…Gene Ryan has filed to run for Howard County Council in District 3 as an Independent.
Ryan will take on the winner of the Democratic Primary between Hadgu, Hunt, Jennings and Rigby.
Ryan has a Facebook campaign page for voter outreach:  https://www.facebook.com/Gene-Ryan-Independent-for-Howard-County-Council-2059613074053608/
Update: Ryan also has a website: http://electgeneryan.com/
Can an Independent win in a local county council race? Maybe…but it may take a perfect storm of events:

  • Independents turn out and vote for him.
  • Republicans in district 3 turn out to support him.
  • The primary between the four Dem candidates turns ugly and the supporters of the three candidates that lose choose to vote for Ryan over the winner in the primary.

In a local race…you never know.
I will do my best to keep up with his campaign…and the Technology Outreach Reference card will be updated today.
Scott E