The HoCo Forward Slate has invited the public to come out and meet the members on April 15th (4 PM – 6 PM) at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Columbia, MD. This is from their Facebook event page:

Come out and meet the HoCo Forward Team!
HoCo Forward is a diverse group of candidates running for the Howard County Democratic Central Committee, cultivating the next generation of community leaders standing for equity and inclusion.
Join the team for conversation and community building.
Light refreshments provided. Cash Bar open courtesy of BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.
***Tickets are not required, but please consider making a contribution to Howard County’s future.***
By Authority: HoCo Forward Slate. Elizabeth Hirshfield Moss, Treasurer.

Blogger Jason Booms has fully endorsed the HoCo Forward Slate and a couple of other HCDCC candidates in a recent post:
I wrote about the HoCo Forward Slate back on March 19th…and since then I have had an opportunity to meet and chat with a few of the members that I did not know…but I still have not had a chance to meet them all at this point…my hope is to make it out to the event and meet more of the candidates on this slate.
I do not make specific endorsements on the blog…that is not really my role…I can say this…There are HCDCC candidates not on this slate that I have met and like and it is going to be difficult for me to say that all 16 members will get my vote in June…but there is still time to change my mind…and maybe this event will do that…you never know.
I will also say this…participation matters to me…when I see any candidates at local events (club meetings, forums and candidate events), they are much more likely to get my vote (and I have to believe that I am not the only one that feels this way)…and if I never run into you at events…you are much less likely to get my vote. While I don’t take attendance at the events I attend (and I only make it out to the events that are convenient on my calendar) I do try and meet with as many candidates as possible…I also keep an eye on social media posts of photos of the events and will take note of who I see at events that I don’t attend. If you are running for this or any office, you have to be out and about to meet people…running a campaign on name recognition or slate recognition will not get the job done (in my opinion).
I am doing my best to keep up with as many events as I can…sharing the ones I know about on the Scott E’s Blog Facebook page. If you have an event…and have a Facebook link for that event…be sure to invite me…so I can add it to my list for sharing. I may not attend but have no issues sharing events (when I remember to do so).
Have a great Friday!!!
Scott E