Did the Janet Siddiqui’s campaign make another mistake??? So I am totally stealing this from Jason Booms at Spartan Considerations:

Look closely at this political ad…closer…no, much closer.  See it? Of course you don’t, it’s not there.
Authority lines tell us who is responsible for campaign materials.  They tell us the name of the Treasurer (or functional equivalent).  This is Campaign 101.
Apparently, the folks over at Team Siddiqui forgot this.  Perhaps too occupied with their self-inflicted $100,000-transfer campaign finance controversy?
Arrogance? Carelessness?  Yet another reminder that Siddiqui is not up to the job.
Stay tuned, as more will follow.

For a 1st time candidate…you can understand this kind of mistake…it is one that happens from time to time…but for a seasoned candidate…how does this happen? This is at least the 2nd violation of Maryland Candidacy & Campaign Finance Laws…this one related to Chapter 12 Section1 of the law. Will Deb Jung or Lisa Kim use these mistakes against the campaign in future forums? You have to believe they will…and it is something we should not ignore when looking at a candidate to serve on the Howard County Council for the next four years.
I am working on Podcast interviews with candidates this week…so stay tuned for upcoming announcements…
Scott E