Prediction Update – 2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidates

I wrote an article back on March 2nd that provided my thoughts at the time on each of the 13 candidates chances of progressing through the primary and on to the general election for Howard County Board of Education. It has been four weeks since I wrote that article and thought it would be good to take another look at this race and provide another round of predictions. I did it a little different this time…I invited two other local bloggers to weigh in to provide you a more comprehensive review.

Now let me say the following:

  •  None of these predictions are based on any specific data…this is just a summary of gut feelings from three local bloggers.
  •  This is not an endorsement of any candidate running for HoCoBOE.
  •  I very probably will update this article in future posts as endorsements come out and we learn more about the candidates at forums. 

I am breaking my predictions into 4 categories…each having a point total (4, 3, 2 & 1) that was assigned in the review:

  1. A near lock to make it on to the general election (Average score of 3.50 and above)
  2. A great shot a making it to the general election (Average score of 2.50 to 3.50)
  3. An outside shot at making it to the general election (Average score of 1.50 to 2.50)
  4. Unlikely to make it to the general election (Average score below 1.50)

And off we go to the results…

Candidates that may be a lock to make the general election:

Sabina Taj & Vicky Cutroneo

Comments: Only two candidates made the top category…and while I am not listing all candidates numbers in this post…Taj did get a perfect 4.00 score on the results, the highest possible.

Candidates with a great chance to move forward:

Robert Miller, Jen Mallo, Chao Wu, Danny Mackey

Comments: We had four candidates make this list. Miller and Mallo are on the high side of this category…Wu and Mackey are on the low side of this category (in terms of total points received).

Candidates with an outside chance to move forward:

Anita Pandey, Saif Rehman, Carleen Pena, Bob Glascock

Comments: Don’t overlook any of these candidates…even if the six above all make it…at least two of these candidates will move forward.

Candidates unlikely to move forward (based on what we know right now):

Mavourene Robinson, Timothy Hodgson Hamilton, Christopher Michael Hilfiger

Comments: Now look…no one wants to be in this category…but take this as an opportunity to kick start your campaign…and my recommendation is to follow the tips below to get your campaign going in high gear over the next 88 days.

Let me say this again…”None of these predictions are based on any specific data”. This is the opinion of three local bloggers…so take it as that and not get overly happy or overly concerned at the results. There will be a number of endorsements from HCEA, African American Coalition of Howard County, The People Voice and others that will shake up this list significantly. I do plan to write updates to this listing in the future once we have some of those endorsements…and I plan to continue to have others in the community help me with the predictions.

Here are a few recommendations I have for all candidates running for office:

1.Fill out all of those questionnaires. I know it is a lot to do but the endorsements that may come from them will be worth it. Two years ago, here are the candidates that received the endorsements from the HCEA (and they all won):

2.  Attend as many of the forums as possible. This is a good opportunity to meet people in the community and build support once they get to know you…plus you never know when one of the local reporters or bloggers will be covering the event. There was a recent forum put on by the Thurgood Marshall Democratic Club Of Howard County. Here is the photo of those that attended that forum:

3. Online outreach…if you have not already done so…get your website online and your social media accounts (I recommend Facebook and Twitter) going now. Here is the current listing that I am aware of: If your online outreach account is not listed…get it online ASAP and let me know so I can update that listing.

88 days until June 26th…plenty of time for all of the candidates to build support from around the county.

That is all I have for this morning…off to work I go.

Scott E

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