State Senator Nathaniel Oaks finally resigns from the Maryland General Assembly

FINALLY….Maryland State Senator Nathaniel Oaks resigns…information via the Baltimore Sun:

State Sen. Nathaniel T. Oaks, who is facing trials on federal corruption and obstruction of justice charges, is resigning from the General Assembly at 9 a.m. on Thursday, according to the Senate president’s office.

The 71-year-old Baltimore Democrat submitted his resignation letter Wednesday night after the Senate’s evening session. Oaks made no public remarks and declined to talk with reporters before and after the session.

Federal prosecutors allege that Oaks took bribes from an informant who posed as a businessman in exchange for help getting government grants and other assistance. He’s set to go on trial on fraud charges in that case on April 16.

But the calendar for the U.S. District Court in Baltimore shows that Oaks has a scheduled “motions hearing” for 11 a.m. Thursday, two hours after his resignation takes effect. It is unclear what the hearing will focus on and his attorneys could not be reached for comment.

Oaks also is charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly sabotaging another investigation by tipping off the target. That case is scheduled for trial in August.

Oaks was indicted in federal court on the bribery charges in the final days of the 2017 General Assembly session. Obstruction-of-justice charges were brought in November.

He has continued to serve as one of Maryland’s 47 state senators despite calls for him to resign from Democrats and Republicans, including Gov. Larry Hogan.

Read the full article here:

Here are my comments on this issue….how in the world did this person serve the state in 2018? Why did not more State Senators and Delegates speak out about him serving and voting on issues before the General Assembly in 2018? Where were the Howard County members on this issue? Why did they not speak out (more) on this topic? It is an election year and these questions should be asked!!! Do not let your representatives off the hook…even if you are a fan of them…this was wrong…and State Senator Oaks should not have been part of the process this year…

While I know this is not a specific issue for Howard County…if our representatives ignored this issue…they should be held accountable…not every issue is a Democrat or Republican issue…sometimes issues are about what is right vs wrong…and this is the perfect example of that…stay informed and be sure to make your feelings known at the ballot box.

Scott E

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