We have a lot of candidates running for Delegate in District 12…not as many as 2014…but still more candidates than people expected.
For those running…while the district spans both parts of Howard County and Baltimore County…support in Howard County appears to be the key to getting elected. Here is data from the primary in 2014:

The top 3 in votes in Howard County were:

  1. Lam
  2. Hill
  3. Ebersole

The top 3 in votes in Baltimore County were:

  1. Dongarra
  2. Stewart
  3. Ebersole

and who got elected….
Lam, Hill and Ebersole. Now I am not saying getting votes in Baltimore County is not important…but if you plan to win this race…you better be campaigning in Howard County. The numbers speak the truth…Howard County will be the key in this race. What does this tell me about the election in 2018:
Hill may be totally safe. Ebersole has to do better in Howard County…and as an incumbent he probably will…but not a lock. Feldmark and the recent support I saw from her looks good in Howard County. Broccolino and his name recognition in Howard County has a good shot. Howard is known in this county and has a shot. Others MUST do more in Howard County…or face the outcome of other candidates in 2014.
That is my opinion at the moment…the Delegate race in District 12 is a fun one in 2018…at least for those of us watching from the outside…
Scott E


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