Krish Vignarajah Breastfeeds In New Campaign Ad

The new campaign video for Krish Vignarajah (candidate for Governor in Maryland) is getting a lot of attention. If you have not seen the video yet, here it is: (the video has over 33,000 views at the time of this article)

The Washington Post, New York Times, Baltimore Sun, ABCNews, NBC, HuffPo, among many other outlets, have written about the campaign advertisement.

From the Washington Post:

Maryland’s only female gubernatorial candidate released a campaign video Wednesday that shows her nursing her 9-month-old daughter and claims that states with female leaders have “better schools, better health care and lower incarceration rates.”

“Some people say no man can beat Larry Hogan,” says Krishanti Vignarajah, referring to the Republican governor whose high approval ratings have made him a favorite to win a second term in November. “Well, I’m no man. I’m a mom, I’m a woman, and I want to be your next governor.”

Vignarajah, one of eight Democrats competing in the June 26 primary, said she made a conscious decision to use several images of her breast-feeding Alana in the YouTube ad, titled “A Mother’s Promise.”

“It was no accident. It’s my life,” she said.

Looking at this from a marketing / PR perspective…this ad was genius. It got a lot of buzz and can be used through the Primary and General election to highlight the candidate. I went and looked at the post of the video on the campaign Facebook page and it already has 127 shares and over 3,600 views. If I were part of the communications/marketing team, I would be boosting that Facebook post all over Maryland.

Recent Goucher polling has Krish Vignarajah trailing…but I have also seen straw polls at forums where she walks in with low numbers and walks out with a lot more support…here is an example:

Name recognition is the name of the game in a state wide race…so the buzz being generated by this first campaign ad is great for Krish Vignarajah in the primary. This could elevate her future polling numbers and help make her campaign stand out from the other candidates running for Governor.

One bit of advice for Krish…add a YouTube icon to the top and bottom of your website now that you have that channel. You list Facebook and Twitter…YouTube would be a good addition for the campaign website.

My hope is that I get an opportunity to sit down with Krish at some point soon to talk about her campaign and ask a few questions…this is something I am actively working on…so stay tuned….there may be a future blog posts if I can make that happen.

Any candidate for Governor (or any other office) that would like to chat with me…I am always open to meeting with you. Just reach out.

Scott E

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