Is the Siddiqui campaign in trouble…it sure looks like it. I saw this floating around on social media today:

This was talked about back in January after I wrote the article: “Will Janet Siddiqui Run For Office In 2018?” A quick recap is:

It has been reported that she has $100,000 in a campaign account…this money came from the Excellence for Howard County Slate and that money came from Friends of Nayab Siddiqui. Here is a timeline breakdown:
January 9th: Nayab Siddiqui loans “Friends of Nayab Siddiqui” $100,000.
January 9th: “Friends of Nayab Siddiqui” transfers $100,000 to “Excellence For Howard County Slate”
January 10th: “Excellence For Howard County Slate” transfers $100,000 to “Friends of Janet Siddiqui”

This could be no big deal (just some fines) or a game changer in the race for Howard County Council in District 4. We will have to wait and see what happens…when I find out more information, I will be sure to share.
Scott E