Public Interest Podcast endorses 88 candidates for elected office in Maryland

Public Interest Podcast recently (March 15th) endorsed various candidates…88 candidates to be exact…around Maryland…and some from candidates running in districts that include Howard County.

The candidates from Howard County districts include: (note – if I missed any, let me know – I did miss Steven Bolen on the original post…it is now updated)

Katie Fry Hester, Maryland State Senate District 9, Democrat State Senate 9

Michael David Gross; Candidate for MD State Delegate – District 9A; Democratic Party Delegate 9A

Steven M Bolen, MD State Delegate – 9A, Democrat Delegate 9A

Dan Medinger Maryland House of Delegates District 9B Democrat Delegate 9b

Malcolm J Heflin, Maryland House of Delegate-District 12, Democrat Delegate 12

Mark Weaver, Democratic Candidate for MD Legislative District 12 Delegate 12

Additional information from the Public Interest Podcast website:

Endorsements were evaluated based upon standardized criteria. Endorsement decisions were not taken lightly and, because Public Interest Podcast is non-partisan, in no way was Party affiliation considered in the endorsement process. Endorsements have been issued based exclusively upon candidate responses to the survey questions with a preference for affirmative responses to these questions. No other information (i.e. campaign viability, incumbency, etc.) was taken into account in considering the issuance of our endorsements.

88 endorsements were made from a pool of 153 submitted questionnaires. Questionnaires were submitted to every candidate running in Maryland for the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General, State Senator, State Delegate, and Circuit Court Judge. Endorsements were limited to the number of possible victors in any single race and only considered candidates that submitted a completed questionnaire.

It is endorsement I am sure we will see more of these over the next few months. Stay tuned…I will publish more (not all, who has that kind of time) in the future.

Scott E

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