It is Spring..but the weather has not figured that out yet…the photo above is what my neighborhood looks like at 11:00am…and it is still coming down pretty hard…looks like this will go on for most of the remainder of the day.
Schools are closed, local government is closed, most of the businesses I have seen post online are closed…some places are open (although I can’t image they are getting a lot of business today).
I will shovel…take a break and eat some chili (cause that is perfect food on a day like today)…then back out to shovel again…ohh what fun.
Hope you are all staying warm and safe today. I may get another photo in the post later in the day.
Don’t forget, you can check the status of the snow plows here in Howard County with this link:
Scott E
Updated photos from 1:30pm…making some progress on the sidewalk and the truck…