Jason Booms (local blogger – Spartan Considerations) sent out questionnaires to candidates running in District 12. He wrote up a couple of blog posts about the answers provided:

Maryland’s District 12 – The Incumbents

Maryland House District 12: The Challengers – Part One

He and I spoke and I agree to host the full questions and answers from each candidate on this blog. Here is a link to a page for each response:
Delegate responses:

Howard Questionnaire

Weaver Questionnaire

Hill Questionnaire

Ebersole Questionnaire

Feldmark Questionnaire

Senate responses:

Lam Questionnaire

Give them all a read…you will learn a lot about each candidate. You can also check out the online outreach of each candidate on the reference card here:  https://scotteblog.com/2018-howard-county-delegates-technology-outreach-scorecards/
Scott E