Several Howard County Democratic Central Committee candidates have joined together to launch the HoCo Forward slate. This slate is made up of 8 female candidates and 8 male candidates running for Howard County Democratic Central Committee. The members include:
This is from a post today on that new website:

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama

Since the 2016 elections, there have been more questions than answers concerning the state of the Democratic party at the national and state level. Who are we? What do we stand for? How have we atrophied? How do we repair and rebuild the state of our party?

Locally, we have found the answers. Over the last year, in coffee shops and dining rooms, Candace and I have had many one-on-one conversations that have evolved into months of team building strategy sessions with community activists who share a bold, common vision for our party.

The Howard County Democratic Central Committee, in its most basic and legal form, exists to fill vacancies of certain offices either due to the death or resignation of elected officials. The bylaws of the Central Committee make us bound to these obligations in addition to supporting democratic candidates seeking elected office.

However, our bylaws do not constrict vision. Our bylaws do not inhibit evolution. As lifelong democrats, we hold true to the values of opportunity, social and economic progress for all. Our Howard County roots enable us understand the priorities and values of our community. As current Central Committee members, we understand party politics and how the Committee operates. And as graduates of Emerge Maryland, we understand the dire need to pack the democratic pipeline with motivated, diverse and qualified candidates for years to come.

HoCo Forward’s vision for the Central Committee is not only focused on the 2018 election cycle; our vision is sustained party-building for the long game. We believe in supporting and elevating progressive candidates who wouldn’t otherwise have opportunity or exposure to run. We believe in cultivating the next generation of community leaders standing for equity and inclusion. And we recognize that if we fail to authentically engage, educate and empower our electorate and future community leaders, the ripple effects will reverberate party-wide.

Instead of rehashing what the Democratic party could have done differently to retain local, state and national offices, our vision for the Central Committee is forward thinking and focuses on what could be. What sort of influence could the Central Committee have if we had sustained engagement with our community members outside of election cycles? What diverse perspectives would be brought to the table if we had Committee representation that reflected the demographics of Howard County? What sort of impact could we have if we not only worked to elect current candidates but also an entity that mentors and invests in future progressive candidates?

We know the answers. You know the answers. So let’s move forward, together.

Maureen & Candace

This is an interesting and diverse group of candidates. Some I know well, some I know in name only and some I don’t know much about yet. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to meet them in the coming months leading up to June 26th.
The slate has a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account on social media.
Slates can be good: You can take the more well known members to help promote the newer members to help get them elected. Slates can also be bad, I have seen where one member of a slate can hurt other members from getting elected (stuff I saw happen four years ago in other jurisdictions). It will be interesting to watch the members of this slate as they campaign over the next few months…and equally interesting to watch what happens with the many other candidates running for HCDCC and how this may change their campaigns going forward.
You can view a complete listing of female candidates for HCDCC here:
You can view a complete listing of male candidates for HCDCC here:
I may have more to say about this slate in a future blog post…I was hoping to chat with someone on the slate before I posted this article…I also want to chat with candidates not on this slate and their thoughts about this slate…there just was no time to do that today….and I needed to move on to other work items on my to do list.
Stay tuned for more information in the future.
Scott E


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