In 2018, where candidates for Howard County Board of Education reside is not a big deal…but it will be in 2020. I thought it would be a good idea to start looking at which district candidates are from…here is the breakdown I have found based on information submitted to the State Board of Elections or questions I have asked the candidates:

It is also a good idea to look at where our current elected officials on the board are from:

Here is a summary breakdown of everyone above:

Remember….Everyone running this time is running at large…not by district…but also remember that the top 2 candidates with the most votes in the general election will get a 4 year term…and the candidates who get the 3rd and 4th most votes in the general election will get a 2 year term and will have to run for re-election by district in 2020.
2020 has the potential to be wild…if Combs and Ellis both decide to run for re-election…they will have to run against each other…plus if a candidate from district 4 ends up in 3rd or 4th this year…that will put 3 elected officials running for that one seat on the board in 2020. Plus lets not forget District 1…Delmont-Small could have a difficult time with re-election if one of those candidates this year end up in 3rd or 4th in overall voting.
We are a long way from the general election and even further away from the election in 2020…but it is interesting to think what might happen.
My one big hope between now and 2020…that our elected officials do the right thing and fix the law set by HB 1299-2017 and have candidates running for Howard County Board of Education elected by district vote and not county wide vote. I would ask every candidate running for Delegate and Senate in districts 9, 12 and 13 if they support this measure….and if not…maybe they are not the right candidate to be elected this year.

Scott E


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