Over the weekend I created a new page to track survey responses from Howard County Board of Education candidates (survey created by Corey Andrews):   https://scotteblog.com/howard-county-board-of-education-candidate-survey-responses/. Each candidate has a page with their responses to the survey. At the time of this post, 12 of the 13 candidates have completed the survey (no responses from Hamilton yet). Note – Glascock was added on 3/12/18 at 3:30pm.
I love numbers and stats…so here is the ranking of candidates with the most survey response page views as of this morning: (note – rankings updated at 7:00am on the 28th)

  1. Sabina Taj
  2. Jen Mallo
  3. Anita Pandey
  4. Bob Glascock
  5. Robert Miller
  6. Vicky Cutroneo
  7. Mavourene Robinson
  8. Danny Mackey
  9. Chao Wu
  10. Saif Rehman
  11. Carleen Pena
  12. Chris Hilfiger

What does that mean…probably not much…the ordering on the page plays into it….the date and time posted plays into it…the candidates that shared it on social media plays into it…but I still find it an interesting view point for watching this race.
I have at least one more HoCoBOE post is planned for this week…trying to get some additional data and then I will post it.
Have a wonderful week.
Scott E