Howard County Council District 3 – Technology Outreach Scorecard – March 2018

This is my first evaluation of online outreach activity for candidates running for Howard County Council in District 3. This is one of the more interesting races for Howard County Council…we have 4 candidates and they are all Democrats…so the winner will be chosen at the end of the primary on June 26th.

The Candidates:

Hiruy Hadgu (D):

Steve Hunt (D):

Greg Jennings (D):

Christiana Rigby (D):

The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)

Candidate Facebook Twitter
Hiruy Hadgu (D) 435 151
Steve Hunt (D) 170 199
Greg Jennings (D) 569 518
Christiana Rigby (D) 597 936


  • Rigby holds a slight follower advantage on Facebook over Jennings.
  • Rigby holds a decent follower advantage on Twitter over all other candidates.
  • No new follower add totals in this evaluation…but that will be coming in future evaluations.

Engagement numbers: for this evaluation I am looking at Facebook engagement over the past week:


  • The most active candidates over the past week are Rigby and Hunt…each with 7 posts over the past week….closely followed by Hadgu with 6 posts…Jennings has been quiet on Facebook with only 1 post this week.
  • The highest amount of engagement (likes, comments and shares on Facebook posts) goes to Rigby with 97.
  • When you look at total engagement vs total followers it gets a little closer:
    • Rigby: 0.16
    • Hunt: 0.12
    • Hadgu: 0.11
    • Jennings 0.01
  • Over the past week Rigby has grown her new followers at the highest add percentage (+3.5%). Every candidate has added some new followers over the past week.

This will be a race I continue to pay close attention to during the primary. Stay tuned for monthly updates.

Scott E

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