In case you missed it last night…The Howard County Board of Education decided on Mission Road as the site for high school number 13 in Howard County.
Here is the video from the meeting: (scroll to the 2:36:59 moment in the video to see the discussion and vote).
The final vote was 4 – 3. Here is the breakdown:
For it:

Mavis Ellis, Vice Chairman

Bess Altwerger, Ed.D.

Kirsten Coombs

Sandra H. French

Against it:

Cynthia L. Vaillancourt, Chairman

Christina Delmont-Small

Ananta Hejeebu

Troy Park was the other location being considered…do you think they made the correct choice?
Let me know in the comments.
Scott E


  1. I don’t think anyone cares anymore about whether it was the” correct choice”. I think parents are just happy that a choice was finally made. Both locations had their +/- factors.

  2. Instead of putting HS #13 where the overcrowding is NOW (NE), they voted to put HS #13 where future growth is projected to be 15+ years from now, bordering other High Schools that have open capacity. Idiots!

  3. Ridiculous. The troy site is centered in the area of the county with the most overcrowding. Filling a new school located there would cause minimal redistricting for the rest of the county. The mission site is between two undercrowded schools, Hammond & Oak Mills. Now we will have another battle royale as families find out they will no longer be attending the high school they expected.

    • I agree with many in the Mission Rd community who voiced their support for the school. However, I do have some concerns that might restrict other development. In the past, our community has not garnered the attention that it so disparately deserves.

  4. It’s absurd. It’s a public health hazard. Why would we ever ever want to send our children to a potentially hazardous site!?!? Look back at the soil sample study from October 2017. There are unacceptable high levels of arsenic and lead among other cancer causing agents in the soil. Then the risk of seismic activity was based on a study conducted when NO activity was occurring!!! Of course there was no problem. The problem with quarries and risk is the long term effects and the risks of accidents. There are schools that have built in similar sites that ended up with alarmingly high cancer rates (in Florida). There was a home that was destroyed due to a quarry explosion accident in California. This is not the time to take it lightly. Why on earth would we take these risks with our children and teachers!?!?!? Are you kidding me? I have a feeling if this was in the centennial or Clarksville area it would be voted as unacceptable but since it’s in Jessup it seems to be ok. NOT OK.

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