This is my first evaluation of online outreach activity for candidates running for Howard County Council in District 5. We have a primary on the GOP side of this race (Yungmann vs Walsh) and that will be the focus of this evaluation…but I have listed Williams just to show the comparison and to provide the links to all candidates online outreach.
The Candidates:
David Yungmann (R):
Jim Walsh (R):
China Williams (D):
The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)

Candidate Facebook Twitter
David Yungmann (R) 621
Jim Walsh (R) 188 36
China Williams (D) 331 67


  • Yungmann holds an advantage in Facebook followers over Walsh.
  • Walsh is the only GOP candidate on Twitter – but the account does not have a big following nor is it very active (no tweets in 2018).
  • Williams is the only Dem in this race…her follower numbers are OK at this point.
  • As this is the first evaluation…I do not have tracking data regarding adding new followers…that will come in the next evaluation.

Engagement numbers: for this evaluation I am looking at Facebook engagement over the past week:


  • Jim Walsh has been more active than Yungmann over the past week (Yungmann has not posted since February 16th).
  • Yungmann has been adding new followers over the past week (up 2.5%) at a higher rate than the other candidates.
  • Williams has been the most active and getting good engagement from her followers.

The overall technology outreach is pretty light in District 5…but I expect that to pick up between now and late June (particularly for the GOP candidates).
Scorecards for other Howard County Council races will happen this month…so stay tuned.
Scott E