Spartan Considerations recently wrote an article with his take with early predictions for the candidates running for Howard County Board of Education…I thought it would be fun to throw my own “early” predictions out there as well…

Now let me say the following:

  •  None of my predictions are based on any specific data…this is just a gut feeling I have at the moment.
  •  This is not an endorsement of any candidate running for HoCoBOE
  •  I very probably will update this article once I learn more about the newer candidates in the race.

I am breaking my predictions into 3 categories:

  1. Likely to move forward after the primary
  2. A decent shot at making it through the primary
  3. Unlikely to move forward or I don’t have enough information to make a call yet

Candidates I believe are likely to move forward:

Cutroneo, Miller & Taj

Cutroneo and Miller made it into the general election in 2016. Miller already has the endorsement of HCEA. I have seen Taj in attendance at local events through photos of her on many social media posts by other people (plus the article I wrote when she entered the race received a LOT of views).

Candidates with a decent shot to move forward:

Rehman, Wu, Mackey, Mallo

Rehman and Wu have a good head start running for a board seat over many of the new candidates. Mackey and Mallo are known and it never hurts when a sitting member of the board promotes your campaign on their social media channels.

Unlikely or I am not sure:

Pandey, Glasclock, Hamilton, Pena, Robinson, Hilfiger

I was borderline on adding Pandey to the category above…I am still wanting to learn more about her campaign and continue to watch the campaign move forward. I know very little about any of the other candidates in this category…but I hope to learn more as we move forward in this election cycle.

OK…that is my breakdown right now. I expect this to change in the following months and I will try to remember to writeup a new prediction in May or June.

You can view all of the online outreach resources for the candidates here:

Scott E


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