This post will serve as my listing for all of the Howard County Republican Central Committee candidates running in 2018. There are a total of 13 candidates running for 9 seats on the HCRCC. Here is the listing of candidates and their online outreach resources:
Note – this will be updated as I find or are sent links to candidates online outreach.

Candidate Website Facebook Twitter
William H. Campbell  Facebook   Twitter 
Gary Clark
Michael Eisenberg
Chris Kirby
Frank Mirabile
Dave Myers
Christopher Oxenham
Jenny Park
Mark A. Regal
Lee Sachs
Steven Lee Sendelbach
Loretta H. Shields
Laura M. Walsh
Arthur Radford Jr Baker (Withdrawn)

Note – candidates in bold currently serve on the HCRCC per the following resource:
Scott E


  1. I am an Independent. In many areas and on many issues I am far more conservative than many of you. Other issues I see no difference tween GOP and Dems. I vote as I see and realistically. Have worked not both but all sides of the isle in MD and other places.
    This comment concerns County Exec. If you do not get out and vote for Allan Kittleman then do not complain when local gov is totally not to your satisfaction. Perhaps you have a lot of confidence …like Chris Merdon did when the liberal press even endorsed him over his opponent. And then so many Dems and a higher percentage of Independents voted the straight Dem ticket, a product of anti-Bush feelings. What do you think will happen this Nov? Think they prefer Donald Trump over W.?
    Kittleman not conservative enough for you? You can thank that rigidity for 8 years of Obama. Life not a zero-sum game. Vote!

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