Vicky Cutroneo just made the filing deadline last night and becomes the 13th candidate for Howard County Board of Education in 2018. This showed up late on the SBOE website which is why I am writing it up this morning.
In 2016, Vicky did well coming in 5th place in the general election:

She also finished 5th place in the primary (out of 11 candidates):

Vicky shared a website with Christina back in 2016…so she will need to get a new one setup in the coming weeks (along with some social media outreach). When it is up and running, I will be sure to ad it to the Technology Outreach Reference Card.
I have more articles planned for the HoCoBOE candidates coming soon…including a breakdown of candidates by district…which will be an important piece of data for 2020.
Stay tuned.
Scott E