2018 Howard County Democratic Central Committee Male Candidates

This post will serve as my listing for all of the Howard County Democratic Central Committee male candidates running in 2018. There are a total of 18 candidates running for 10 seats on the HCDCC. Here is the listing of candidates and their online outreach resources:

Note – this will be updated as I find or are sent links to candidates online outreach.

Candidate Website Facebook Twitter
Bill Adams
Najee Bailey Facebook  Twitter
Scott A. Berkowitz https://www.scottberkowitz.com/ Facebook Twitter 
Rich Corkran Facebook 
Jeremy Eldridge https://www.vote4jeremy.com/ Facebook  Twitter 
Bob Ford Facebook
Sean Ford
Josh Friedman Facebook
Dave Grabowski
Tim Lattimer https://timlattimer4howard.wixsite.com/timlattimer Facebook Twitter 
Matthew Molyett Facebook Twitter
Gabriel M. Moreno Facebook 
Pravin Ponnuri Facebook 
Shahan Rizvi http://www.vote4shahan.com/  Facebook
Lewis O. Saunders
Dhaval Shah http://shah4howard.com/  Facebook
Herbie Smith
Peter Spann Facebook

Note – candidates in bold currently serve on the HCDCC per the following resource: http://hocodems.com/about/

Scott E



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