This post will serve as my listing for all of the Howard County Democratic Central Committee female candidates running in 2018. There are a total of 13 candidates running for 10 seats on the HCDCC. Here is the listing of candidates and their online outreach resources:
Note – this will be updated as I find or are sent links to candidates online outreach.

Candidate Website Facebook Twitter
Alicia Altamirano
Maureen Evans Arthurs Facebook
Mae A Beale
Ethel Brown-Hill
Mary Catherine Cochran Facebook
Candace Dodson-Reed Facebook Twitter
Maura Cleary Dunnigan Facebook
Suzanne R. Geckle Facebook
Safa Hira Facebook
Jennifer Jones Facebook Twitter
Jan Oliver
Margaret Weinstein Facebook
Annika Luke (Withdrew 2/28/18)

Note – candidates in bold currently serve on the HCDCC per the following resource:
Scott E


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