Michael David Gross Files To Run For Delegate In District 9A

Filing in District 9A became popular today…Michael David Gross entered the race this afternoon…moving the total number of candidates to 5 (2 Rep & 3 Dem)…also meaning we will have a primary on the Dem side of this race….with the top two moving forward.

I do not have much information on Michael…no website or social media listed in the filing.

Stay tuned for more information and check back on the Technology Outreach Reference Card.

Scott E


  1. Hey Scott!

    Thank you for posting about me, I don’t believe that I could put into words how excited I am about this. I’m putting together the finishing touches on the run-down of me.. so I’m less of a mystery. If you’d like I can pass it along to you along with any more information I developed to report on as you please. Feel free text or email me anytime–and that goes for anyone regarding anything–I want to hear what everyone’s thoughts are on everything.


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